Attention! We regret to inform you that we will be closing down this site, and have disabled the creation of new Order Forms. Please download your order data so you still have access once the site is brought offline. Thank you.
How does Group Order Form work? This online tool is a simple way to create, send, track and organize group orders of anything completely online. Whether you are collecting t-shirt orders, organizing golf events and company lunches or getting tickets to an event for a group, Group Order Form can help. Is there a cost? There is no cost to get started right now. There may be a nominal monthly fee later but as a beginning user you get to get started for free. Do I have to do anything to set it up? Create a login on and from there you can use our ready-to-go template order forms to get started. There’s no cost to get set up and it’s really simple! How many group orders can I have active at a time? There is no limit to the number of orders you can have. The more the merrier! Can everyone in my group see each other’s orders? No. When you send the form out to your group, each person will only see their own information and their own order. As group administrator, you will be the only one who will see the information for the entire group. I’m a team mom for my son’s little league team. Can I use this site to collect money from the team parents? Or is that too small of a group? Absolutely! This site was born out of the need for team parents to be able to collect money for their children’s activities. Whether it’s collecting money for uniforms or getting donations to buy a gift, no group or order is too small or too big! Is any of my personal financial information stored on your site? No. Because we use your PayPal account for all transactions, we simply link to PayPal and therefore don’t have to store any of your personal information on our site. I’d like to make this available to my customers. Can I integrate this with my company website? Yes! Contact us to set up your own custom interface and/or subdomain. What happens once we’ve completed our group order? There are a variety of reports you’ll be able to pull to view all activities with your group. Whether you want to track sales, organize orders or follow-up with the group. Once the order is complete you can make the order inactive but store all of the information so that should you want to place another order with the group you’ll be able to simply and easily duplicate this form! What If I find a mistake after form is published? You can make changes or corrections to a form anytime up until an order has been placed. Once an order has been placed, only the particular item(s) ordered will be blocked from further editing. If you need to make a change to an item for which an order has already been placed, you will need to create a new item and Hide the old item. To do this, go to the order form edit page, make the form Inactive, copy the old item and re-name it, make the appropriate change(s) to the new item, then make the form active again. Can I use any vendor? Yes, GOF allows you to work with any vendor you do would like to do business with. Do I need a PayPal Account? The Owner of a Form must have a PayPal Account, but only in order to collect money online. Purchasers do not need a PayPal Account but may charge their purchases to it if they desire. Otherwise, only a credit card is needed to make a purchase. How are returns or changes handled? Just like any transaction between a seller and a purchaser, returns and changes to orders must be handled individually by the seller (Form Owner). GOF does not sell merchandise or guarantee that the merchandise for sale by a seller is adequate for the function intended. If payments are made through PayPal, refunds can be made at the request of the seller. How is merchandise delivered? At this time, GOF has no ability to deliver or mail merchandise. All deliveries must be arranged by the Form Owner. Must all payments be made online? No. You may select the option to collect payments off-line. In this case there are no PayPal or GOF Fees.
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